What Our Patients Say

"I broke a tooth and needed a bridge put in, and I am very, very pleased with the outcome! He did an excellent job! The staff is friendly and so is doc! I will definitely be going back. I highly recommend their services." -Linda

"This Clinic is awesome! I had a root canal done. I was so nervous but, the doc made me feel very comfortable and explained everything all the way threw the procedure. My tooth is pain free thanks. I will definitely be back again in 6 months! Thanks Doc!!" -Lisa

"Best clinic, wonderful staff. I will be back in 6 months!" -Jimmie

"I went in very nervous. Before my procedure Dr. Barwu was very kind an made sure I felt comfortable as possible. He also made sure you know what he's be doing during the process. I would definitely recommend this place to friends and family's!" -Sophia

"The staff is absolutely wonderful. Dr. Barwu made sure I felt comfortable and made sure I knew about everything. There were no surprises. Sabrina was able to help me with my other questions as well. I could not have found a better place to receive my dental needs. They made me finally feel confident in my smile. I will continue going there for now and I highly recommend anyone to as well. I can officially say I'm no longer nervous for the dentist!" -Robert

  • Experience with this dental clinic
    Fantastic! Can’t thank him and his team enough! I live up north and the only clinics my health insurance cover were all booked. This location was the only place within distance that was open and answered right when we call within a couple rings. Got so much work on my teeth done thankfully and love my teeth! Dentist did all the work I wanted. Took are of all my dental work this whole month. Thank you so much I didn’t want to lose more of my teeth. Bless you all. Bye
  • I went in very nervous. Before my procedure Dr. Barwu was very kind and made me comfortable as possible. I would definitely recommend this place to friends and family's
  • Great job!
    Great job with the staff and hygienist
  • Satisfied and happy patient
    It is a smaller practice but dont judge a book by its cover because this place exceeded my expectation far beyond what I initially expected. When i called the rep was very thorough about the process and showed alot of concern and understanding threw her gentle and assuring tone. When i got to the office I was really quite impressed with the very design of the waiting area and how the front desk rep name Pang help me. She was the same person who schediled me too and upon walking in i was so nervous because i hadnt been to a dentist in along time. She greeted and welcomed me and explained their policies and my rights as a patient and without making me feel rushed or rushing through papwrwork she asked if I understood my rights and if I had any questions about there policies and even advised me to carefully read through each section before signing. I was needing to get my broken tooth replaced or fixed asap because my birthday was in two weeks and everywhere i called they could not get me in but i forgot my xrays from the u of m. I didnt have alot of money so i couldnt afford to pay for the same xrays in the office so i literally was feeling let down when i was informed that without the xrays they would have to charge me since my insurance wont pay for a full mouth xray again but I deffinitely was sooooo happy that this super employee went out of her way to help me by contacting the u of m until they were able to get them sent over! This really made me feel like they truly are looking out for me instead of the money. The other sweetest person was the dental assistant nane Tracy she is just anazing. Made me laugh and feel like i had been a patient for years. When the dotor came in he explained to me in details what would be done and then after the exam he presented to me my options abd everything. No pressure on me at all. So i decided to get a replacement of my tooth but first they extracted it and then made sure i came in and got the bite impression and promised me that they would have everything completed before my big day. Guess what everyone!? They DID A WONDERFIL JOB! THREE DAYS B4 my birthday i have my smile and confidence back! Thank u dr. B, tracy and pang. Love u guys at iau dental. Xoxo Kelly W.
  • joy
    Thank you so much ! Now I really go what I wanted for Xmas. My 2 front teeth :)
  • Root Canal
    This place is awesome! I had root canal done. The doc made me feel very comfortable and explained everything all the way threw the procedure. My tooth doesn't hurt anymore pain free..thanks Doc!😀
  • Patient
    Very friendly, gentle, with high-tech equipment.... flexible appointment Can't say enough good things about this dental clinic!
  • Customer
    Great Services, professional and friendly staffs.

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